About us


  Inspired by the word”Hours”, our brand Houros is born.


  Creating innovative and design products with valuable quality is the Houros’ s (Houros is the brief brand name of our company)essence. We’re more than a funiture manufacturer, we design and transform your spaces as time evolves and as your needs change.


  As the name “Hours” presents, we believe time is the most important thing in our life and work. With time passing by, we grow hours by hours and day by day. One of our core values is to grasp every minute to maxmize our performance and bring the best result to our client.

  Our Mission


  The office energy is highly affecting the work efficiecy of each company. What we aim at is to creat a space, a space that can attract people who owned the same value and wish as the enterprise and entrepreneur to gather together and work toward a same goal, and a same future.


  At Houros, we believe employees are the most valauble assets of the enterprise. Treat your employees like your customers, meet their needs at work and help them achieve greater success.The office space, in this case, needs to be engergetic, functional and humanization. And we--Houros--are here to help you make this space come true!